Happy April Fools from the Edible Book Show!


Tonight C. and I escaped from the rest of the family and ran downtown for the Columbia College Edible Book Show and Tea, held each year on April Fools Day! There were puns galore and delicious treats to eat. A wonderful outing for an artsy girl and her Mom.


What is it, you ask? Folks create books out of things you can eat — like cakes, tortillas, flour, chocolate — even fish, heaven help us! Usually the name of the piece is a pun, like C.’s favorite work, pictured here — Harry Potter and the Order of the Peepnix, created by Eileen and Lily Madden. Delicious as an edible book and even better because it was constructed by a mother-daughter team. Once the books are thoroughly ogled and judged, they’re eaten and prizes are handed round.


Each year is so different. Many people seemed inspired by marshmallow peeps this year, April Fools coming after Easter. Two favorites: Rabbit Run by John Updike, created by Kris Johnson and Clay Tablet, created by Elisabeth Long. C. and I are planning to make our own book next year. This was really just a research expedition. C. was very inspired, yeah, delighted by the different books. She was only somewhat dismayed by the long, long wait (in 5-year-old time) for the food. But like good little bookworms that we are, we got to nibble the books at last.

C.’s verdict? “Yummy!”


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