Happy Birthday to me!

So it’s a big birthday, but in proportion to that it was such a happy, happy birthday and made me so grateful for everything I am and everything and everyone I have in my life right now.

At my delightful happy birthday breakfast I received half a dozen handmade cards from C., together with a wonderful tiara to wear! In person it really looks like a tiara, even though in the photo above I look more like the Easter Bunny. Husband PJ gave me a new handbag, which converts into a backpack – perfect! – as well as some “57th Street Art Fair Money” to use at this year’s fair in June. Best of all, the “money” was beautifully decorated by C.

My friend Sarah came over for a morning knitting lesson and a cup of tea. After a quick lunch, I had a restful afternoon reading and drawing with my girls. In the spaces between, I was reading Amanda Soule‘s new book, which finally arrived. A beautiful envelope from Kelly also arrived, with drawings from the boys and a disc containing a collection of photos of our children over the years. What a lovely gift!

Then in the evening, my husband and I went out. Thank you to my visiting in-laws for babysitting and making this possible! First stop, the thesis show at Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts. One piece with many quilting elements got me pondering book binding and fabric — maybe the two need to meet in the work I’m planning. (By the way, if you click on that “thesis show” link above, and scroll down, you can see the book I submitted to the Edible Book show three years ago — it’s part of their Lectures and Events page. It looks like a medieval tome – made out of marbled chocolate.)

On to an amazing dinner at Mercat de la Planxa, the new Spanish tapas restaurant in the new/old Blackstone Hotel. The food was delicious and intense. And how lovely to spend quality time with my sweetheart while watching the light fade over the park out the gorgeous big picture windows.

All together, I spent the day being with the ones I love, enjoying this dynamic city and thinking about my creative life — what I’m hoping to accomplish this year and what I am grateful for — is there a better way to spend a birthday than that?


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