Spring is here…finally

You know it’s spring when you can enjoy a day at the beach! We took the girls down and they jumped right in. Soon dresses were shed, sodden with sand and water and all the elaborate beach games came out of mothballs — the endless trips carrying a tiny bit of water in a bucket from the surf all the way to the sand castle, hunting for treasures, chasing your sister, singing to your special friend — is she a mermaid? — so wonderful in the pale, pale blue sunshine of early spring.

The treasure hunt resulted in Castle Langoustine, decorated with the heads and claws of the unlucky or the unwary. Made me think of many a Grimm tale I’ve read at bedtime. At least there’s a back gate to the castle — good to know if you, or your own true Lobster, need to make a quick escape.

Beach and sand and silliness made me look forward to all the summer days to come. It won’t be long now that spring is finally here.


One thought on “Spring is here…finally

  1. Wish we could have had our toes in the sand too! We did get the sunshine a day later, as you predicted, so we built a little sandbox behind the house. I’m loving reading this and seeing the photos–almost like a window in! KR

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