a cure for the blues

tea cozy, originally uploaded by blooming heather.

So I was feeling grumpy, really grumpy — a spat with my husband, some wrangling with the children, a lost opportunity or two, a few moments of foolishness and I was firmly in a funk. It lasted through dinner. It lasted through the girls’ bedtime. Which left me wondering, will it last all night?

But luckily I found a cure, which I’m happy to share with you:

:: First, find a quick, simple crafty kind of project that you’ve been putting off for no good reason. Something colorful to use right away. For me, it was this tea cozy. In its earlier life a skirt that I wore in college.

:: Second, finish it, as fast as you can!

:: To aid recovery, watch a happy movie while you work. Like “You Can’t Take It With You.” The sight of a young Jimmy Stewart in white tie and tails is a cure in itself.


One thought on “a cure for the blues

  1. Yes, this will work. I do, every now and again, find myself in a funk. And they are very tricky to shake. Thanks for this tip. I will administer this cure the next time that funk rears it icky head. :o)

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