C’s own sewing box

C’s own sewing box

Originally uploaded by blooming heather

C loves to sew with me! It’s one of our favorite things. She made little stuffed princess “dolls” for her friends’ birthdays by cutting out, sewing and stuffing pieces of this princess fabric. All her idea!

So I found her a sewing box of her own. And here it is. C also helped sew up that little needle case inspired by “Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts.”

When we get the urge, we wait until little sister is fast asleep at nap time and then we start our quiet sewing projects, side by side.

One thought on “C’s own sewing box

  1. Oh, what a great idea for a young girl. I still have the sewing kit my mum put together for me when I was little…I bet C will cherish this (and the good memories of sewing side-by-side with you) for years.
    Thanks for stopping by Stripey Pebble to say hi! I’ll have a sock update soon – I’m counting on some long commutes this week to help me make some progress!

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