Good news from Knitty

So last week I got some good news from the editor of, my very favorite place for knitting patterns online. I’m a runner up in their 2009 Calendar Contest, which means that my photo of the Wild Stripes baby blanket, featuring my own little girls, will be in their 2009 calendar! What a thrill and an honor! And I get a free copy of the calendar. Although I’m not at liberty to share the picture they’re going to use, these are some outtakes from the same photo shoot, out at the Point with the girls.

At first they were excited to be out on a special assignment and were following directions pretty well, but as it was a hot day and I was telling them to curl up and look cute under a wool blanket, there were bound to be difficulties. What I love is that (ironically) the winning photo was snapped in one of those difficult moments. At first I was yelling, “Stop! Stop!” but then I saw it in a different light and it was “Go! Go! Go!” With very happy results.

Thanks, Knitty! And thanks, too, little girls.


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