new hats, part one :: wild stripes

After finishing the blanket, I had a vision of the baby wearing a hat to match. So I knit up a “Wild Stripes” hat and for good luck, I added a little flower to the top, following the directions provided by Ann Squire in Flower Power. Again, let me say — Hurray for Knitty!

But the hat was too scratchy, and the blanket wasn’t finished until spring had already sprung, so the whole thing seemed to be a bust.

Until it occurred to me that I could line the hat with something soft. So I did. I just winged it and didn’t ask advice from anyone – very unusual for me. I took a piece of blue cotton knit, snipped from fabric my friend Eudora gave me — thanks, Eudora! — and shoved it inside the hat, folded over the edges and stitched it inside by hand.

And you know what? It turned out great. As little Miss E. likes to say, “Dat my hat!”

So you try it, too. Not necessarily lining knitted hats, but if you have something on the edges of your own crafty comfort zone that you’re longing to do, just try it. Maybe you can get it done without really knowing how.

2 thoughts on “new hats, part one :: wild stripes

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