57th Street Children’s Book Fair

Two weekends ago we went to the 57th Street Children’s Book Fair, one of my two favorite neighborhood events. (The other is the Hyde Park Art Fair in June — absolutely my most anticipated event each year.)

But this year, if you only looked at the photos I took, you wouldn’t have known that books had anything to do with the event we attended. The girls bounced in a fabulous bouncy castle, made crowns, made little books, had their faces painted, saw friends and ate nearly the last two ice cream bars available from the vendor!

But where were the books? Well, my friends, imagine me for yourselves — there I am, quickly, quickly poring over shelves of the world’s greatest kids books, new and used, while keeping track of a climbing 2 year-old and a wandering five year-old and somehow making sure I don’t drop a half-eaten ice cream into my purse. Thankfully, thirstily looking at the books, I was too absorbed (too much in heaven!) to think about photographing the moment. Silly me! But here are just a few of the many gems we found…

Sunshine, by Jan Ormerod, a lovely, wordless book about morning rituals; My Father’s Dragon, a chapter book, with a gorgeous endpaper map; and a version of Rapunzel illustrated by¬† Gennady Spirin Paul O. Zelinsky, one of my favorite illustrators of all time! We also found a copy of Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals and Shirley Hughes’ sweet classic Dogger, which always makes me cry. A very successful book fair, even with all the delightful distractions. Another happy day in the City of Big Readers!


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