Unicorns, or my first guest post…

So I was having one of those mornings, trying to do a long-delayed bookbinding project (must get it done!) and I couldn’t find my PVA glue, oh, there it is, but it’s all dried out – arrgh. Then looking for the bone folder — can’t be found. So I decide I’ll do a drawing, but where’s my notebook?

Then while searching I found, this. A little piece of story dictation by C. that I took down last spring. I think you’ll see why it makes everything all right:

In the first day of spring, lots of unicorns come together and have a big celebration. And they bring lots of food and drinks and they love to have a special dish called summer berry. It’s when you take a big, long baguette and cut a piece of it off the baguette like this, “pap!” and poke a hole in it with a unicorn horn and then they fill it with raisins, red oranges, raisins, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream. And ice cream, and then they fill it up with whipped cream. Then they bake it. And poke a hole in it after they bake it.

It’s almost been five minutes on my clock watch. That’s very helpful, a clock-watch like I have. But if you don’t have a clock watch, you can look at a regular clock. Make sure you poke a hole in it with your pinky, like this, you know, when you’re pretending to call, no? Or like this, with the rest of your fingers, so you can make a nice big hole in it.

Sometimes at unicorn weddings, they have this. It’s very helpful at a wedding ceremony because it tastes very good with all that good stuff in it. These have lots of stuff in it and they make good wedding cakes, so you can make this delicious dish! Have a good summer! You might even see some unicorn tracks or squirrel tracks or chipmunk tracks! Make sure you don’t find my leftovers, you might eat them!

The End.

p.s. Unicorns live in unicorn land, which is up on the moon, but I’ve never been there.

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