Looking forward to handmade holidays…

We are looking forward to hand-made holidays around here this year. And the start of it all — a very Soulemama-inspired gift for my little niece So-So on the occasion of her second birthday, and filled with terrific art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio, recommended by both Angry Chicken and Soulemama — wow!

art bag detail

I did much of the sewing by hand and the embroidery free-hand. That was lots of fun, to just go for it, shaping the letters and balancing the design as I went. And it turned out pretty nicely, too.

wrapping help 1

wrapping help 2

wrapping help 3

And the girls jumped right in with the wrapping help — drawing, cutting, coloring, taping with such delight and stamina that I got a thrill of excitement thinking about all the holiday gift-making, decorating, baking and more to come.

Hope you’re having fun planning your handmade holidays, too!


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