Beavers in the city…

Munch, munch, munch…So we were walking along near the Wooded Isle when we saw these strangely cut stumps and a pile of wood shavings…


I may have mentioned that I live in a big city. What a nice surprise to see real critters still at work, even here! Seems like beavers wanted to dam our lagoon.



There was no sign of the culprits or any ill-gotten logs, so perhaps they were relocated by the Park District to another, more rural spot.

I carefully tucked a couple of wood shavings into my pocket to take home (making sure to pick ones with teeth marks) for our nature table. So exhilarating to think of the beavers there chomping away — were we driving by and didn’t notice? How did they get here? Were they born here? The girls had lots of questions. Me, too!

If anyone knows it, I’d love to hear the rest of the story…

One thought on “Beavers in the city…

  1. Heather: Wow, I just got caught up on your blog, fabuloso photos and crafts and just lovely. Very inspiring! So I am your Wooded Island Beaver Lady, ahem. Well, the CPD in general isn’t thrilled to see beaver action as they (beavers) love to devour young, green trees but they also don’t like to spend the money to relocate them, which is tricky and expensive. About 10 years ago there was a beaver out there on Wooded Island and they sent it over to Indiana. Once, when we were doing a nature walk at South Shore CC there was a beaver swimming in the lake, like a happy dog, right there at the beach. I wondered if it was coming on over (coming back?) from Indiana . . .one other thing–beavers are monogamous and mate for life. Another reason why it can be heartbreaking to relocate one who has a partner that doesn’t get caught.

    thanks for the shot, makes me want to take the boys downt here straightaway . . .


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