Advent Stocking Swap…

Advent calendar

Last year, friends and I admired those beautiful sewn or knitted stocking Advent calendars in the catalogs, like this one, now hats & mittens, from Garnet Hill, or the one, sadly discontinued, in kit form by Magic Cabin. It was a short step from admiring to saying, “Hey, we could do that!” So the four of us decided, long-distance, to make 12 stockings, for the first 12 days of Advent. We were each assigned three days and although we made group decisions about size, the rest was up to the individual. The results are truly lovely and inspiring.

This year, we’re doing the next twelve days. I’m the knitter in the group, so I have to keep my needles clicking steadily to get them all done. No luxurious out, as is my wont, from a weekend of frenzied stitching. But that’s so good for me, the careful planning, the anticipation — the mindfulness, as they say.

little ones with stockings

We’re looking forward to receiving the new stocking treasures from Kelly, Lisa and Elizabeth around here. But I love the making, too. And I’m looking forward to the sharing that goes with it.

four stockings

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