Thrifting joy

Do you ever feel like the thrift store is calling to you? I certainly do and this past Monday it was more like my favorite local spot was actually pulling me into its orbit, dragging me toward it, whether I wanted to go or not. But, you may well ask, when have I not wanted to go to a thrift store? 

And sure enough, treasures were there for the finding. Like this pile of vintage fabric:


Including this hand-embroidered table runner — if you could only see the true buttery color of the linen cloth!


Or this, beautiful — can it really be silk?–fabric, with the evocative label, “Chardon Marche 1969.”


And these absolutely wild, wild prints, so of their time! (and ours…)


And then this sweet gauzy fabric, with its little carriages and lanterns and words in French.


And two pairs of gorgeous green corduroy trousers and a cozy gray cashmere sweater — for me! So happy you were calling to me, thrift store. We are friends, aren’t we?


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