Snow day!


Oh, a snowy day! And all the joy it brings! It started snowing Sunday night, so Monday and Tuesday were just great. Little E. and I went right out into the snow after everyone else left for work and school. (Well, by “right out” I mean as soon as we got ourselves into warm weather gear, um, closer to 10 a.m.?) But it was delightful.

Our first order of business was to set this snow man to rights, who had fallen over (or been pushed?). E. gave him a hug, too, for good measure:


Then we walked around the Point to see all our favorite landmarks covered in snow:


This is “engagement rock,” where 2-year-old C. proposed to her friend Liam, years ago…




And of course, here’s E. — waiting to be pulled the rest of the way around, watching the little water birds body-surfing the dark waves. Not the North Atlantic, by any means, but a pretty good impression of it, for a freshwater lake.

And what do you think she’s thinking about? That’s right, the “hock-chockolick” (hot chocolate) waiting for us when we get home.


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