Packages in, packages out…

It seems like one of those classic twists of fate, that after waiting so long for these two packages that they should arrive on the same day — my calendar from Knitty, with my runner-up picture in it and my Back-Tack 4 package!


Here’s the runner-up picture from the calendar below. I’m so pleased with how it came out. And how exciting to be the August picture — one of my favorite months!


And oh, the Back-Tack package — I’m thrilled! Marianne‘s work is exquisite! I want to extend the excitement just a little, little longer, so I’m not going to post about my Back-Tack treats until tomorrow. But here’s a preview of her beautiful packaging:


And all this on the same day that I packed up all the Advent stockings and got them out the door to their new homes.



It really felt like the holidays to walk to the Post Office, past the Christmas tree sale, amid a dusting of snow, with two huge blue IKEA bags full of packages to send and a well-bundled little one asleep in the stroller. Merry, merry!


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