The doll blanket


I love Soulemama’s post about abandoning The List, in the few hours before Christmas, and just settling in to enjoy. Oh, if only I had followed her advice! But instead, since we were without any other present for a certain beloved little niece, the much-delayed doll blanket had to be finished. 


Thank goodness for a Daddy who stepped in to make a gingerbread house with his girls, while Mama hid away with her sewing machine, going whrrrr-whrrrrr-whrrrr. A noise not unlike the one Rumpelstiltskin makes when turning all that straw into gold! 

And eureka! It came to be! The lovely little doll blanket took shape, just as I hoped it would. None of my fears were realized and it is now living happily in its new home. Whew! 


And we also have a lovely little gingerbread house, with two happy little snowmen peeps living inside it. 



One thought on “The doll blanket

  1. These moments are so savory! Can I say that? Picture perfect too. I think you’ve captured it beautifully with your photos and stories.

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