Tuesday mornings

Tuesdays have become very special to me. On Tuesday morning, everyone leaves the house except me, one to a playgroup, one to kindergarten, one to work and I stay home, but instead of sorting, scrubbing, sifting, or any other kind of housework or busy work, I do something else, with my good friend Lisa. I do art work. 


Sometimes we meet at her place, sometimes at mine. We work on our separate pieces; we sketch and plan projects and draw and paint. And we talk about our lives and families. And have a snack, or a cup of tea. Then draw and paint and sketch some more. 


Pulling away from the everyday and yet so tied to it, too. Observing the everyday, the shapes of fingers, hands, the colors of the building, or the sky. This art date has become a treasured part of my week. How do you carve out your creative time?


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