Artist at Work

artist at work

I’m so proud of this young person, my little 6-year-old C., who decided to make a large folded Valentine card for each of her 20 classmates. Each card is unique and decorated on every surface. These valentines were a labor of love. When her trying-to-be-practical Mom suggested that she work smaller, or use a different design, C. stayed true to her vision. Which led to some exasperation when Practical Mom watched the hours tick by and bedtime approach. 

But C. was an artist at work. Looking at these cards gathered together, I’m proud and amazed and a little in awe of someone so young who is so sure of herself. I’m also proud of Practical Mom  {well, myself} for quieting fears about getting things done in order to sit on the floor and make her own Valentines, too, working side by side with Miss C. 


Here’s to bringing this kind of joyful abandon to creative projects every day.


And isn’t love a creative project, too, after all?


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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