family art time {now with more Daddy!}

Daddy draws

“Family” art time at our house was sometimes a misnomer — it meant C., E. and me (Mommy). It rarely included Daddy, who would describe himself as many things — scientist, foodie, cook, father, husband, writer, but artist? In spite of loving the Art Institute and the Architecture Foundation and appreciating all our family’s artistic efforts, his answer would be decidedly, um, No. When the art supplies came out, he would magically disappear. Until now.

Without a lot of fanfare, but much surprise (on my part, at least), this time he stayed and drew with us. And colored. So fun. Not just fun — magical.

art and formulae

He tried his hand at color. And curlicues. We tried our hand at equations. 


Another victory for family art time! Congratulations, Daddy. Here’s to many more meetings of art and science in our home.

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