And now we are six…

blowing candles

C. turned six recently. Ah, the Mommy blogger’s dilemma –which photo to use? Should it be the happy girl with the birthday cake grin?

 secret handhake

Or the savvy kindergartner giving her friend the secret handshake?


But my favorite is this one — Catherine reading, by herself. She’s actually reading the words from the page. It never ceases to astound me when I see her doing it! Growing from five to six has been full of subtle changes, as C. really embraces the role of older sister, the role of kindergartner, the role of citizen of the world. 

She’s learning about the American Civil Rights movement at school. We hear alot of  “We Shall Overcome” around the house. We watched this video together. C. tells me the story of Rosa Parks, as though it just happened, which in some ways is true. But hearing a child tell me, so simply, lets me be amazed by the courage of our heroes all over again. And amazed that this small person, Miss C., is ready to embrace the world and everything in it. 

I’m not saying I don’t feel just like I did last year, happy and sad, forward and backward, push-me-pull-you about my oldest child growing a year older. Mostly, my heart is full to bursting. I’m just so proud of the wonderful person she’s becoming, strong, capable and true to herself. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


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