Crafty Slacker’s Get ‘Er Done Giveaway

It’s amazing when you find something on the Internet, as vast as it is, that seems to be made especially for you. Just goes to show how much we all have in common. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that Toronto-based The Crafty Slacker  was hosting a Get ‘Er Done Giveaway for all those projects you’ve been meaning to finish but haven’t. How perfect is that? And with prizes? This is the contest for me. 

All you have to do to enter is post a photo of your abandoned project to their flickr pool. You get extra entries for blogging about it, or for subscribing to their email list. And of course, an extra entry is yours if you finish your project and post that picture to the pool.

So here’s my entry into the contest:

Dad's Brioche Vest

This is a vest I started knitting for my Dad’s Christmas present a full two years ago — abandoned Christmas Eve 2006 — and never finished. I knitted my Dad a little tiny version of the vest and put it in his Christmas card. Oh, if only this helps me finish it. Whew! What a feeling of relief that will be. Thank you, Crafty Slacker, for providing the inspiration, to all of us.


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