I’m a morning person. I love that time right before the sun comes up. I don’t always make it out of bed first — often there’s a child or my husband pad-padding around the house while I’m still under the covers, but I am the one most likely to have the camera by the bedside to capture lovely moments like this one. 

morning view

Or this. And I feel so lucky to have morning family time, before the busy day begins, to read stories, drink tea, eat a bit of breakfast (I was going to say a “quiet breakfast” but that just doesn’t happen; always singing, loud singing at the breakfast table) or even to draw (and see this beautiful post from Soulemama today). A bit of kismet that we’re all thinking about morning art time.

This morning, in one of these happy moments, enjoying the strangely sunny snowfall, the girls told me they wanted to draw on the walls. And of course, they can’t. Or can they? Suddenly Mommy’s imagination turned no into yes. I taped up large pieces of paper near their drawing space and then such joy — drawing on the walls (!) before starting their day. 

Now it’s time for Mommy art time, too. Enjoy your Tuesday!


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