Exploring the Ice & 5 0 !


A magical combination of huge storm and then hard frost. Not great for being outside while it’s happening, but look what Nature left behind! An icy landscape worthy of the Arctic. With much cajoling and promises of wonders never-before-seen, I got the girls suited up and outside to enjoy this marvelous ice world. 

icy ground

It was not a “teaching moment” per se. No one wanted to hear about how these crystals were formed or perhaps why the ice took on this amazing bulbous shape over the blades of grass. Oh, no. 

frozen land and lake

That’s because one had already become a world-class scientist, self-appointed leader of the expedition assigned to collect ice samples in search of an extinct volcano. (She’s continuing her father’s research in the field, or so the game has it.) And the other is her sister scientist and trusted colleague.

directing work at ice station

expedition leader

frozen trunk

Missing from our adventure were our best friends and fellow explorers, who now live in California, far, far away from our frozen landscape. They were sorely missed here at Ice Station Hyde Park. If anything could improve an afternoon’s polar expedition, it would be a lifelong friend.

This is, by the way, my 50th post and it falls almost on my blogoversary — March 5th! Thank you to all who have read along and commented. I’m hoping this next year will be even better, but more about my hopes and dreams tomorrow. Ice Station HP, signing off. 


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