Dreaming in the studio


So, hopes and dreams. There’s so much I’m looking forward to this year, even though there are a few things coming that I dread, mainly a move from our home of 8 years to a new and very different place. I know resolutions are traditional fare when the year turns. Then hopes and dreams are on everyone’s mind. But it can take me a while to process what I really want from the year, so I’m happy that this blogoversary I mentioned yesterday falls now, March 5th, a little way into the year, but not too much. Now I feel that I can say more about what I really hope for from this year and this blog. 


:: to improve my photography and my writing

:: to stretch my wings creatively by trying new things and hopefully meeting new people

:: to come here every day, to this blog, this writing/picture space, without fail (and using every bit of technology out there to help me do it!)

:: to share more of my own ideas, which I think takes so much courage (kudos to all of you who already share so many fabulous tutorials, instructions, knitting patterns and more)

:: to find even more ways to involve my children in what I do, to let them in, to really build them in to the crafting and creating that I do, to find a way for them to work side-by-side with me


And to just to spend more time dreaming in my studio, to put in the time to make artwork, craftwork, make more, more of everything, trying to search out the ideas, the style and the beauty that appeals to me most. Everything I do seems to help me see that more clearly. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to craft and making things, why so many of us are. Those gentle simple choices of color and pattern, the following a project along a strand of yarn or thread to the end, each tells a little story about who you are.


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