knitting farm and field

tasting the oats

So what do you do in Chicago when you’re yearning for field, forest and flowers in the middle of a bleak, gray winter? You knit yourself a farm!

The patterns for these are found in the Winter 07/08 and Winter 08/09 issues of Living Crafts magazine, which I love! The projects in their magazine are always so simple, ingenious and inspiring. Since I first started knitting, I’d wanted to knit a farm playmat, after seeing the lovely ones in Debbie BlissToy Knits, one of my favorite knitting books.  

on the farm

In the midst of my post-Christmas crafting spree, I’ve gotten three squares done. I’m not going to connect them as a mat. The girls love arranging and rearranging them. The oat field, which the little calf is tasting (top picture), is my favorite. Sometimes I just stand on it and wiggle my toes — the texture is so wonderful. Could I knit an oat field to cover my entire living room? Or would that be a rug?


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