sunlight :: puppets

sun puppets

Okay, now that the weather has warmed and the sun is actually actually shining, I can stop posting pictures and just get out there and enjoy it, but here’s one last “sunlight” shot for the road. It’s not taken in sunlight, but it was such a great moment a few weeks ago. 

I was so craving sunshine, talking about it, thinking about it. Of course, the girls picked up on it and created a puppet show about two girls, sisters (how not?), who fly back and forth to the sun. The kids spent a dark and stormy afternoon creating every part of this show, including many original songs and the huge and glorious sun. “Cover your eyes! Don’t look or you’ll go blind,” yelled my 6-year-old from behind the radiant yellow paper.

If the sun isn’t shining, just make your own. Gotta love that.

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