prized possessions :: quilt


So I think I’ve mentioned that we’re moving soon. Instead of focusing on all the things I’ll miss about the home I’m in, as I so often do, I’d like to see the opportunity. To clear out, clean up and appreciate all the treasures I have. The main treasures are the kids and the wonderful husband, of course, but there are other things that are so much a part of the fabric of life here (or too safely squirreled in a closet) that they don’t get much attention sometimes.

So I’m starting another occasional series — taking a look around my house at some of my most prized possessions. Here’s one — my grandmother made this quilt. It sits on the end of my bed. In the center is an eagle, Colonial style. It was finished in a quilting bee at Pond Hole, in the Poconos, where my great-aunt Janet still lives. I so wish I’d been at that quilting bee, stitching and talking with all the women who helped put this quilt together. Now that I’m making things myself, I find this quilt truly inspiring, as well as being beautiful and useful. And isn’t that what all our hand-made creations should be?


3 thoughts on “prized possessions :: quilt

    • Jan, thank you for your comment. We’re moving to the other side of our neighborhood. At the moment, we live in a vintage apartment, in what was once a 1920s luxury hotel, but we’re moving to a very modern building. It’s going to be a big switch for vintage-loving me!

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