Finished :: Egg Hunt Socks

I’m a work-in-progress kind of gal. I’m always off to a fast start and if that’s all it takes to get a project done — a quick sprint — then I’m right there with the best of them, but if it’s more of a slow and steady kind of endeavor, well, watch out. You may be in for a wait. Just ask my Dad, whose long-awaited-from-two-years-ago knitted Christmas vest is almost, almost done! — it really is, Dad!

So it’s with great pleasure that I show off my first pair of hand-knit socks for grownups, well, for me. Here they are — Egg Hunt Socks! 

egg hunt on Michigan Ave.

{Photo by Elizabeth La Riviere}

And to tuck in for a close-up ::

egg hunt 2


egg hunt

I’m delighted to have finished them just in time for Easter. The self-striping yarn comes from Yarn Chef’s wonderful Etsy shop, in colorway Egg Hunt. The pattern is a free one, called Vivace Socks. Knitting with this yarn was lovely. I started this back in August, and would knit sitting on my in-laws porch in Montreal, sometimes dropping my tiny little pink needles through the boards in the porch, and then it was something of a parlor game to see who could rescue them. They always did get rescued, thanks to my father-in-law’s ingenuity. But as much as I enjoy the process of creation, here’s to finishing things! Hurray!

Now on to your vest, Dad!


2 thoughts on “Finished :: Egg Hunt Socks

  1. hey Heather, those gorgeous eggs by your equally fetching socks look like the ones you made with Kelly a la Ukranian style, right? We made some Swedish Easter tree/branch crafts today at the SMAC . . . lots of feathers and bits and bobs. I think you would have liked it. Happy Birthday, by the way. Amd go and tell your mother and father how happy I am they had you.



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