April Fools and Edible Books

So April Fools Day found me once again facing down the challenge of the Edible Book Show & Tea at the Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts. This international event, held in many cities around the world, has folks building books out of food, and the more puns and plays on words the better. I wrote about our visit last year here.

gingerbread pieces

Our team, the girls and I, wanted to make our book out of gingerbread.


These happy pictures belie the reality of a book that wouldn’t stand up, pages that broke apart when the WIP fell over and a kitchen and dining room awash with sugar sprinkles, frosting, powdered sugar and baking implements of every kind!


It took a lifeline call out to our favorite California book artist, but we got our entry done — The Gingerbread Baby Book, very, very loosely based on The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, which is such a family favorite. Our original idea had been to have the gingerbread baby actually running out of the house-shaped book, but that proved a little beyond our abilities.

one flew

The Edible Book show itself was amazing, with new prize categories, including Most Likely to Be Burned, which led a couple of contestants to make flambe! Entries were beautiful, humbling and truly inspiring, including this one, a huge chocolate cuckoo clock — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and below, possibly my favorite, The Marzipan Chronicles.

marzipan chronicles

Yet an event filled with talking grown-ups, tables too high to see the tops of, food that looks very good (but you can’t touch!) and then lots of chocolate inexplicably provided all at once proved overwhelming for our three-year-old, forcing our speedy exit. The valiant 6-year-old tried not to cry, since we hadn’t stayed long enough to taste everything.


“We could always try to recreate the things we didn’t get a chance to taste at home…” I suggested, trying to stave off her tears.

She brightened. “Yeah! That would give us lots of good practice, Mommy, for next year.” That’s my girl!

2 thoughts on “April Fools and Edible Books

  1. I would call that last photo the ‘chocolate daze’ or “me want chocolate” in baby zombie voice…I love it!! Congratulations for seeing your vision through–in spite of it all–and for participating!! Wish I could have been there.


  2. Your beautiful photos of California treats and the glories of the book fair exploration helped me to forget the driving snow! Thanks for capturing the sunshine and the frosting,

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