Souvenirs of California

As the wind howls outside, bending the trees (do I hear cracking — oh, I hope not!) and sleeting snow is blown sideways with incredible force, of course my thoughts turn to our recent trip to warm and sunny southern California. Thanks to my generous husband, I got to go thrifting and exploring with my friend, while he watched the five little ones. And there were treasures to be found!

California fabric

Thrifting in California — really spoke to a sense of place — all the things I saw seemed to tell tales of home movies, brightly-decorated homes, TV dinners, and sewing costumes or wearing them. Found some great linen napkins (above) and two breakfast trays with butterfly designs (a perfect surprise for two little girls I know!). 

new to Nature Table

And while walking around later, we found some treasures for the Nature Table, some beautiful reminders of the seussically magical flora and fauna of southern California. Pepper berries from a pepper tree and the dried-out insides of cactus plants, as well as a couple lovely pine cones. So good to have these little gems, which dapple my imagination with sun, since spring seems most unwilling to arrive here in snowy, chilly Chicago.


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