Sunrise Quilt


The windows of our apartment face east. Especially when the girls were babies, but even now, we see alot of sunrises. They are so special to me, each one so different, mild or dramatic. C. and I finally started on the Sunrise Quilt, an idea she had last year, after I finished my first quilt.

“I want a sunrise quilt, Mommy, because sometimes I don’t wake up early enough to see the sunrise and so I could look at the quilt and it would remind me of it.”

quilt sketch

I loved the idea — so loved it! And it has taken on added poignancy now that we’re moving to a new apartment that does not face east, where we will all need to be reminded of the sunrises. But as with many things, my loving the idea put more pressure on the result. So it hasn’t been the whipped-up-in-a-frenzy kind of project I expected, but more of a slow and steady thing, and as I mentioned in this post, that has meant a bit of a wait.

Happily, C. and I got some good work done while the little one napped recently. 


Here’s what we’ve got so far. C. did the sketch herself (I did one, too, but hers is so much better!). She also helped pick all the fabrics and match them to the sketch. And name the fabrics — thus, “polka das” and “bloo flwers” and “lava, ” one of C.’s favorite words anyway, which she was delighted to find so simple to spell!

hard at workfabric key

It was a pretty magical afternoon, to get lost in this quilting project with my oldest girl and to really let her lead me. As one of our friends said today, C. can be very firm when she knows what she wants, and her creative mama was so happy to have her take me by the hand.


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