Pysanky eggs

Ukrainian egg dyeing is one of my favorite ways to celebrate Easter. It’s a method of dyeing eggs where you block parts of the egg with wax from a little stylus and then dip the egg in the dye. Whatever is covered, stays the color it is. You move from light colors to dark colors and as the layers build up, magic happens! Eventually, when your pattern is finished, you melt off the wax and the beautiful colors are revealed.


My favorite place to find the supplies in Chicago is Delta in Ukrainian Village (2242 W Chicago Ave). A little shop packed with interesting things, fabulously decorated eggs, books in Ukrainian, and most especially kits and supplies for dyeing the eggs yourself. If you’re local and you go by there, don’t miss Ann’s Bakery, full of treats with a great deli, just to the east a few blocks.

Here’s a picture I took during last year’s trip of some of the fabulous wares of this lovely shop:


And here’s 


This year I made a turquoise starry night egg (far left above) and one patterned on the windows of our building (far right). The other eggs featured here are from past years or are wooden store bought eggs from Delta. That’s one of the best parts about living in the city — finding out and sharing different traditions throughout this city of neighborhoods.


One thought on “Pysanky eggs

  1. Hey! Great minds think alike! I just posted my Psanky pics too…as did my cousin on her blog (look at my blogroll). I love yours, so bright and cheery. Glad to see you got a couple made–more than I did.


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