Noro for Nora

Just a quick post for a busy day. A few weeks ago I knit this up for my friend Nora overnight, after finding out that her birthday was imminent. It’s the neck warmer from Knit Two Together — such a great book! This is really a go-to pattern for me for girlfriend knitting. I’ve knit it in white raw silk (very elegant) and for Nora in Noro Silk Garden Chunky (very soft and lovely colors). My little girls each want one in their size, too, since it is so simple to wear compared to a scarf. 


As long as the winter has decided not to quit, I may as well keep knitting these. We’ll need them!


6 thoughts on “Noro for Nora

  1. Now I know what to call it! Soon to be overheard in our apartment on a chilly morning:

    “Honey! Where’s my Noro Nora?”

    What a joy it is to wear this chic, artful snuggly…best birthday present ever! : )

  2. Jan —
    I did make it on circular needles, but I bet you could knit it back and forth and then seam it without too much trouble. I’ve also seen it done without the lace pattern; just a plain tube. Are you thinking of knitting one?

  3. Yes, I have four grown daughters and two daughter-in-laws. This looked like nice Christmas gift material. I love using round needles but I am just learning to knit (@ months new, made, one vest, 5 doll sweaters, working on socks) .

  4. That is something fabulous! Was it a relatively simple knit? I’ve knitting for years but i’m still a beginner…or maybe I’m just modest :)

    • Hi, Squishypear –
      I know what you mean, but it was a pretty straightfoward — a simple four-row pattern of knitting, or purling, with one row of yarn-overs. I think you’d like the book it’s from, Knit2Together, lots of simple, but fun & elegant knits.

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