finished :: spring sweater

Thanks to lots of knitting time while traveling over spring break, I managed to get C’s spring sweater finished in time for well, spring! It fits her and best of all, she loves it! What more could a knitting mama ask for? And all this after some hair-raising moments while finishing the sweater, when I realized that I’d put the sleeves in upside down. I didn’t know you could even do that!?dsc_01621

This pattern comes from my all-time favorite knitting book, best-loved, most looked at, most used — Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. The child’s placket-neck pullover in Knitpicks Andean Treasure Wild Rose (now, a sadly discontinued color). And of course, little sister needs to be a part of all this. She is definitely one for a knit-a-long, go-along, tag-along, anything to be included, especially where big sister is concerned. And this was no exception, L. followed me around all day, asking, “When you knit me a dwess, Mommy? A pink dwess! You knit me an’ C. a dwess?”


To which I happily replied, “Of course, sweetheart!” And secretly I smiled, thinking about the near-matching knit dresses that I’ve almost finished, (hurry, mama, hurry, before they grow any more!) but more on that soon.


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