a day in bed


So I had a sick-day, which is a pretty serious thing for a Mama to need. Who takes care of the kids if you lie in bed all day? Good question. But luckily there was back-up — a great husband to take little L. for a few hours in the morning, a wonderful neighbor who picked up the big girl from school and of course, the wonderful kids themselves, who made the best of Mama’s strange behavior. 


Here are L. and I reading together, an old favorite, Alfie Weather, by Shirley Hughes. Such a great book, for a foggy, rainy, convalescing kind of day. L. was delighted with our “boat” and the game she made up, slapping the covers and rolling to and fro. 


But Mama’s favorite part was just a little quiet time, while I read to her in my hoarse voice and she kept one hand on my arm, just in case. Who knew being sick in bed could yield such sweet, sweet moments?

2 thoughts on “a day in bed

  1. Its very hard…I remember being sick with 4 still at home and all of them crawling into the kingsize bed so I wouldn’t be alone.
    Get better…. Jan

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