drawing a day :: 18 – 19

It’s the quietest day of the year. We wake up extra early and throw open the windows. Instead of the roary swoosh of traffic outside our window, all is quiet. We hear birds singing, or people chatting or calling to each other. We hear the leaves rustling in the breeze and all the layers of perception that you get when it’s really quiet. Ahhh. 




It’s not easy to find a little island of quiet in the city, but thanks to the Annual Bike the Drive event, we can have a taste of it here. So make yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and draw with us, or just enjoy the (shhh….) quiet. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could have this kind of quiet everyday? Once a year just makes me yearn for more and more…


4 thoughts on “drawing a day :: 18 – 19

  1. This is a WONDERFUL drawing!!! Vuillard would be proud of you. What a great way to capture that feeling– Spring + Bike the Drive = pure Quiet beauty

    …not to mention the feeling of comraderie between the bikers and onlookers and the sense from all concerned that a good thing is happening.

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