drawing a day :: 21


the Shoreland by night….


detail with notes…

So I was up late last night working on this drawing. It’s still a work in progress, but it wouldn’t have been anything but an idea if it weren’t for my good friend, who was available with some artist advice late at night (my time). Everyone should have a friend like this, a life line, someone who you can call for advice and who invariably suggests something that moves you forward. 

I was stuck trying to do this complicated drawing (and trying to channel some feelings I have about moving) WAY past my bedtime, and Kelly’s advice was to try to do as fluid a sketch as possible, moving from place to place on the paper and from one point of interest to another as quickly as I could. It wasn’t as free-flowing as I imagined it would turn out, but I did draw. And considering how tired I was, that’s amazing. 

Thank you, Kelly! It worked.

One thought on “drawing a day :: 21

  1. I checked your blog first thing just in case you’d posted a picture–I’m so pleased for you–what a great outcome! It is hard to be as fluid as one would like all the time, especially given the late-night circumstances for you, but this drawing IS free, and your written notations plus the dabs of color really do give the idea of fleeting phases of room occupation…I think it is very successful.

    You might try in the next few nights to come up with the right night-time building color and fill that in around the windows on this drawing (plus continue the sky color around the top). Or you could keep this as is, and make a more finished piece using your sketch as a reference–either way you’ve captured the moment.

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