Mr. T(ea) cozy

So here at the University of Chicago, there’s a big tradition of Scav Hunt. This major event in the undergraduate calendar happened some weeks ago now, but I wanted to share my contribution to this year’s festivities.

The idea is that teams from each of the dorms have to find, make, conjure, or perform a list of about 300 tasks put together by the judges. During this wonderful, crazy weekend, you may find students operating rickshaw services, jousting, or playing live “Settlers of Cataan” on the Quads. If you happen to have a special skill (like knitting, in my case), or knowing where to borrow a baby elephant or get an CAT scan of a Ferby doll, you suddenly become very popular. 


One of our students Anna asked me to knit a “Mr. T cozy.” I made the basic shape by knitting brown yarn, and then the amazing Anna F. did the rest of the magic. I just had to share the results with you, since it is so very, very awesome! And watch out, next year, in case Scav comes knocking at your door…


{“I pity the fool who don’t drink tea…”}


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