Crafting for Daddy….

With Father’s Day and a Daddy birthday nearly back to back, we’ve been doing a lot of making and doing for Daddy.

By making things for him, we’ve cracked his once-difficult gift-giving code. He’s the sort of person who doesn’t really need or want anything, and says so, happily coasting along with a minimal amount of worldly possessions.

But everyone could use some of these:


{“I love you, Daddy” bookmarks, from Soulemama’s lovely idea, here…}

and these:


{peanut butter-chocolate kiss cookies, here}

And our wonderful Daddy was no exception. I should say, that we also took him on a family overnight at our organic farm CSA, and took him out to eat and to Chicago SummerDance (more on all that later). This is the crafting component, but we didn’t give him short shrift on the celebrating part, either. Happy Birthday, and Father’s Day, too, Daddy!


One thought on “Crafting for Daddy….

  1. I love the love in those bookmarks–from the ones who drew them and the one who embroidered them–and I can practically taste those peanut buttery-chocolate cookies! Lucky Daddy.

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