birthday doll quilt


A good young friend of ours is about to turn 6, so I made her this summer-weight doll quilt. Does a summer baby have summer doll babies?It’s quilting fabric on front and mulberry-colored linen on the other side that I got last year from Textile Discount Outlet here in Chicago.

If you love fabric, you really should check this place out. It was featured on the PBS show Wild Chicago a few years back — it’s that wacky and wonderful. Imagine an old warehouse on three levels filled with fabric of all kinds, ribbons, notions, buttons, anything and everything, in a bit of a jumble. 


C and E’s friends helped me try out the quilt — don’t they look comfy? The mulberry colors were inspired by these:



ripening all around Hyde Park and staining everything they encounter a deep, delicious purply-red. Delicious, that is, to everyone except the person doing the laundry  (that would be me). Purply fingers, clothes, lips and toes. Maybe I need to make all of us summer-weight purple blankets (and wardrobes, too!).

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