finished :: summer sweater

This has been a knitter’s summer. Cool, rainy, with a few nice days, so you can head out to the local yarn shop for more supplies and not get wet. 


It’s been lovely to sit inside with the air-conditioner off and the windows open and still be cool enough to think of yarn. With a summer like this, I’ve managed to put the finishing touches on this sweater that I started oh-so-long-ago. And I got a lovely surprise — it fits! The first sweater to come off my needles for me and I can actually wear it



The sweater came with us tonight to our regular Thursday-night barbecue. It was the perfect weight for a “not-quite-cold-enough-for-a-sweater” night. It happily resisted stains from berries, cherries, and homemade blueberry ice cream. And it was soft enough for cuddling other folks’ adorable babies. Turns out this sweater is spit-up proof, too! Perfect. 

The specs? Hourglass sweater from  Last-Minute Knitted Gifts which I know I’ve raved about before. Such an elegant, easy pattern. The finishing is so quick. I used Knitpicks Main Line cotton-wool blend in blueberry, held together with a strand of red Malabrigo laceweight (color: Amoroso), to give it a little umph.

Loving this knitter’s summer, while it lasts…


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