at least someone’s enjoying this…

Moving may seem like a chore to us grown-ups, but the magic of being a kid is that, well, you see magic that grown-ups can’t. Take packing, for example. For me, a series of excruciating decisions about what to keep, what to give away and where it all should go. But to the girls, such a golden opportunity! Drawing ‘labels’ on boxes –literally hours of fun.


And yet several times a day, they climb into a box or wrap themselves in paper and say, “Don’t forget to pack your girls!” or “Pack us carefully, Mommy!” Then I realize what a two-way street this is, family life. The children help me see the joy in it all, the crazy funny moments wrapped in packing tape. I help them by just giving them love, love and more love; they need to hear that it will be alright — we’ll be together, taking care of each other, no matter where we live. 


{“She is playing the harmonica”  — a label for the musical instruments’ box}


{floorplan in progress}

As a mama, I’d like to think that I’m wrapping the kids in a protective layer of love, so that they can go anywhere, experience all kinds of things, and still feel strong and secure, ready to go, wherever they are.


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