the “wight now” purse

Little sisters so often feel that the world is passing them by — I don’t know this from personal experience, but only from watching our Little Sister here in agonies whenever it seems like Big Sister’s got something she doesn’t. We try not to play too much of “keep the piles even” but I knew just what she meant two days ago when Lizzy said, “Mommy, I want you to make me a purse of my own, wight now!” Big Sister has an allowance. Big Sister has a purse she made herself with Mommy’s help on the real sewing machine. Something had to be done.



So we went, she and I, into the newly organized craft room. She picked out fabric, she picked out buttons, she threw out my initial suggestion and as happens in all good design teams, at a certain point, I said, “Just trust me. I think I know what you’ll like.”


And here’s our creation. A purse of one’s own. It was re-fashioned out of a thrifted corduroy skirt and some thrifted pink fabric for the lining. And inspired by Amy’s awesome clutch from Bend the Rules Sewing. It’s a miniaturized version of the one on the cover. But I must admit that my design pal and I were in too much of a hurry to follow any directions or even crack open the book. We off-roaded it the whole way. There’s a vintage button clasp and pockets inside and outside, for treasures, as well as a corduroy flower embellishment. Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

And what did Little Sister think of it? “I love my new purse, Mommy!” she said, as she clutched it to her cheek.



And what did Big Sister think? “Mama, could you make me one of those, too, please? Just like Lizzy’s.”

3 thoughts on “the “wight now” purse

  1. Isn’t it funny how that works!? The little ones want so much to be like the big ones, and the big ones can’t stand to be left out–even if it is only their perception of being left out. We had versions of the same this week when it was little brother’s birthday…

    I love your purse too L–it reminds me of the one my Big Sister made for me that I use everyday!


  2. OK, this just made me laugh out loud. I have two boys, two years apart and this is starting to happen all the time.

    I am learning the value of making sure that my littlest one never feels as though he is left out, but some days that it more of a challenge than I realized.

    What a beautiful purse, and what a special way to create something together

  3. ok, this inspires me so much. edel could really use this kind of attention. and i just know she would say thank you and clutch it to her check as well. remember when you helped me make a crazy hat for edel out of that awful first knitting project I did? how much she adored it and how often she would wear it? “my mommy knit this for me” much to my embarrassed pride. i was so humbled by her gratitude.

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