sketching at the farm


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and it will take me a while to catch up on my posts. My family and I had a vacation in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. We stayed on a beautiful little farm nestled in hills. Here are some sketches I did while we were there.


It was so lovely to hear the birds and bees chortling so loudly away. My city girls changed into country girls in a happy flash, running barefoot up and down hills, jumping out of hay lofts and spending long happy hours on the tire swing. More of that in the next post.

Their delightful busy play had a great advantage for me — they didn’t care what I was doing, so I got a lot of drawing and knitting and thinking done. Happy, happy days.



6 thoughts on “sketching at the farm

  1. I love these 3! The mood in the drawings is very happy too, the light touch and the colors all contribute to that feeling. The tow in color would make lovely paintings.

  2. How wonderful to take time to sketch! They are beautiful. It is something I hope to do more of as the youngest gets older.
    Your vacation sounds perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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