kindergarten quilt


Recently I delivered the quilt that I made last year with C’s kindergarten classroom to their teacher, after having finished it over the summer. The children did all the drawings with fabric crayons and I pieced and sewed the quilt. I’d intended for the kids to do more of the actual sewing, but time got away from us. Yet even though it isn’t everything I’d hoped for, it’s such a powerful reminder of my daughter’s wonderful classful of kids. Each drawing brings a child vividly to mind.


Kid’s artwork is always delightful, but looking at this quilt, I realize I don’t often see the work of children pieced together, at least not at home. My two girls’ drawings and paintings hang on many walls of our house, but seeing 20 different children’s work in one quilt really brings out the true meaning of the word “kindergarten” — a garden of children, bursting with color and joy.

The quilt’s not perfect. To be honest, it’s a bit trapezoidal, but to me it’s so heartbreakingly beautiful. This quirky, lovely kindergarten quilt.



4 thoughts on “kindergarten quilt

  1. Hey,
    I wish we had a picture of the finished quilt and closeup of all the squares to send out to last year’s class parents. I bet they would love to see it, as would the kids. It turned out so beautifully! Maybe we’ll go visit the classroom for a peek…

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