address book

Recently, I met many relatives that I’ve not seen in years, some that I’d never met! Afterward, I felt in need of an address book, so that when I’m writing a letter on the go, as I often am, I can address it, put on the stamp and voila!  In the mail. So I made myself one of these:


A lovely little address book. The pre-made text block came from Hollanders which has amazing book art and stationery supplies and the cover paper came from the Minneapolis Center for the Book Arts. I made a stop there on our recent trip to Minnesota — so great!

Soon I hope to make one of Soule Mama’s Gratitude Wraps to keep all these supplies safely snuggled up. For now it’s enough to have the addresses of those I love always nearby and ready for sending real mail!

2 thoughts on “address book

  1. Hey Heather, I love that address book, so pretty, and that blue is just perfection.

    I emailed you a few times regarding the swap and I was wondering if you had maybe not gotten them.

    Let me know and I can re-mail them.


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