rainy day delights


Today was one of those rainy days in fall which sends the leaves swirling. Lizzy and I spent the morning at home, watching raindrops and making Halloween decorations out of paper for our windows.


Of course we had to go out exploring with umbrellas to carry and apples to eat.


Once Big Sister was home from school and the sky cleared, girls got to run and play and even found time to gather an autumn bouquet for Mommy. Lovely!


Then back home again to appreciate our paper pumpkin handiwork. My pumpkins are happy ones, with big eyes and cheery grins, but as you can see from the pictures below, Lizzy’s are, as she told me, “very, very ‘pooky! ‘Pooky, ‘pooky, ‘pooky!”

Spooky? Well, yes.




4 thoughts on “rainy day delights

  1. Gorgeous photos. yesterday we had snow and a lot of wind, and that seems to have brought a lot of the stunning colors of Autumn to the Earth’s floor. Hope that the sun shines for you soon

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