hats and more hats


More hats, more stripes. It’s looking more and more like a hat shop around here. Hats on the needles, hats in baskets, hats on the floor, hats on heads. Can’t stop wearing them. Can’t stop knitting them. Some are knitted and given away before I even have a chance to photograph them! This little person is happily modeling the newest hat around here.


I love the way this came out — fluffy and soft and tufty and sweet. Speaking to fall and spring at the same time. With each cold, rainy day I realize that winter is really coming and soon, too. So I can’t stay long — lots more hats to knit!





3 thoughts on “hats and more hats

  1. That is one sweet hat. I am getting the year’s hats off of the needles now. The cold weather came in early this year, so it got me moving quickly.
    Have a great weekend

  2. I love the pinks and the tufts, and the toothy grin! We’re back to hot here, and a little AC on today…can’t believe it! Wishing for more of what you’ve got…life is funny. (:

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