meet emily


{A finished Emily}

On Thursday, Lizzy said to me right after breakfast, “I want to make a doll.” And since it was yet another rainy Thursday, and I couldn’t think of any good reason why not, we went up the stairs to my studio hand in hand, and we spent the whole morning making her a doll. I don’t know how to make dolls. I’ve never made a doll, as far as I can remember, but it was so much fun to feel my way, with Lizzy’s help. First, she drew me a picture of the doll she wanted:



{Emily –originally known as Suki}

Then, she helped me with every stage of design, often asking Emily her opinion. “You want brown hair or black hair? Both? You want blue eyes?” I couldn’t be more proud that the two of us managed to put together such a sweet, warm and lovely little doll person, with just a very small bit of sewing know-how, wool batting and fabric scraps. And now I’m in the doll business, it seems, because the next morning, after breakfast the first thing Lizzy said was, “Today I want to make Emily’s friend Jack.”

But doll making is a pretty good business to be in. I’m marveling at how far Lizzy and I have come, from her Goggle days, to now, when she can really work with me on a project that takes hours. Of course, those hours included lots of bead-spilling, yarn tangles, fabric cutting (whoa — not that fabric, please! “But Mommy, I making her a kerchief!”) Amazing. And so lovable.


{Lizzy cutting wool batting for stuffing}


{Lizzy winding the wool for Emily’s hair}


{Emily’s underwear, made from a repurposed kid’s sock}


And that sums up how we’re feeling about Emily, too — amazing and lovable.


7 thoughts on “meet emily

  1. I love Emily, but love Lizzy even more. She is a lucky girl to have you spend so much time with her making such fun things. Loved your photos too. Mamie

  2. T says: “I like your doll. That’s Lizzy’s. I want to tell her ‘happy birthday’ about her doll. I want to tell her does she have a watch? And she’s in her pajamas. Wizzy wizzy, wizzy wizza.”

    What a great doll!! I made one once, many years ago with rusty red real wool hair and a painted face…perfect for my red-haired niece when she was born!

  3. This is such a wonderful post! That is pretty amazing for never having made a doll. The drawing that your little one made, and the fact that you two could create her together. That is priceless

  4. This is like reading a gorgeous story book…I can hardly wait to see the next character, Emily’s friend Jack, once he takes shape.

    Mother-daughter artistic collaborations are beyond beautiful.

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