Vintage Swap 2009


These last few weeks thrifting has taken on an added level of excitement as I prepared a package for Julia as part of Vintage Swap 2009, organized by Heather of Shivaya Naturals. Julia told me she liked muted colors, blues, greens and browns and was interested in vintage fabrics to make things for her Etsy shop.

This is what I found for her:


A few vintage napkins, a vintage pillowcase, several yards of a vintage flowered fabric and that lovely blue vintage flannel — there’s lots of that. Just right for Etsy sewing, I thought.


And a couple other little treats, like a pair of vintage green knitting needles and a few cards by my favorite Gwen Frostic.


So that’s the giving. But with swaps there’s always joy in the receiving, too and Julia did a lovely job finding treats for me:




Can you see there’s a teeny, tiny “h” on this teeny, tiny fork? Little vintage napkins, a tiny saucer, a lovely old pillowcase (just right for backing doll quilts), some buttons and two old Golden Books — Heidi and The Lively Little Rabbit, which I didn’t think I knew, until I saw this picture:


Who could forget an image like that? It came back to me in a flash — one of my favorite childhood books, rediscovered! Thank you so much, Julia! What a lot of joy you sent in one small package!

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